Award-winning, personalised, effective design

With more than 20 years of experience at the cutting edge of branding and design (winning numerous design awards) and a strong business sense, Jen creates strong, lasting brands from the top down.

Jen has worked both big and boutique brands, including Holcim Cement Global, Ziwipeak, Pams, essano™, Tahi Honey, Countdown NZ, and more.

By building on this experience with full knowledge of each client's objectives, Jen can deliver a full service experience including: Brand Strategy, Design, Colour & Typographic Expertise, Print, Web & Social Media Campaigns and Packaging.

She leads a small, agile team of senior designers, each one invested in building excellent long-term relationships that help client grow.


  • 2018 New Zealand Best Awards Finalist: Best Colour Graphics for the Botanikiss Soap Design Award Given to Plantation Ltd – Jen Cheyne was a contributor.
  • 2018 New Zealand Best Awards Finalist: Best Design Communications for the Grace Brochure.
  • 2017 Selected for the Lurzer’s Archive 200 World's Best Packaging Design (Tahi)
  • 2016 Highly Commended Award for Pride In Print (Tahi)
  • 2017 Professional Member of the Designers Institute
  • 2015 New Zealand Best Awards - Finalist in the Best Effect Award for Essano Skincare packaging design
  • 2014 New Zealand Best Awards - Finalist in Packaging Design Awards for Tahi Honey
  • 2009 Winner of the Private Label Design for Pams CHOCA Packaging
  • 2009 Selected for the Luerzer’s Archive 200 World's Best Packaging Design (Pams)
  • 2005 New Zealand Best Awards - Finalist in Graphic Design, Large Scale Identity for Ziwipeak
  • 2003 New Zealand Best Awards – Finalist in Graphic Design, Small Scale Identity for Wellington Photographic Supplies
  • 2000 Bachelor of Design – First Class Honours

Business Results

"Jen delivers a world class design process that takes a product idea through the needed steps and stakeholders. This helps create the magic we need as brand owners and the value-add to our consumers and customers." (Owner essano)

"Jen has been part of our brand since its inception and is integral to the success we see today." (Owner Tahi)

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“The new-look Shockwaves range has shown +271% growth over the last year and is fast becoming a key player in the mid-price hairstyling segment.”

(Synovate Aztec data Total NZ Supermarkets MAT to 6th May 2012)

Essano launched with x6 SKUs. The range has now grown to over 30 SKUs with a variety of giftsets and more innovation in development.

Essano launched exclusively into Countdown supermarkets in October 2013.

It is now the 5th largest brand by value (outperforming multinational brands such as Garnier, Simple, Aveeno)* with significantly less SKUs in the range.

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